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Gwen Swick

Gwen Swick was born in a town called Winnipeg. Her father worked for the Armed Forces and so the family lived in many different places right across Canada. Ms Swick is mostly know for her songwriting and as a vocalist however she has a broad musical background. This includes playing guitar and bass guitar plus the viola da gamba. She has even delved into the art of East Indian singing.

Over the course of here career to date Gwen recorded five albums during the early 1990s. This was in the area of a traditional folk trio going by the name of Tamarack. In 1996, she teamed up with Sylvia Tyson, Cindy Church and Caitlin Hanford and together they formed a blues guitar lessons popular vocal group calling themselves Quartette. One of the reasons Gwen was able to attain some much sought after exposure was due to her constant recording and touring as a solo act. She toured with other groups and has appeared at some prestigious festivals and how to strum guitar many different concert halls right across Canada and the expanse of Europe. Guitar lessons acoustic, guitar lessons online, guitar lessons youtube, guitar lessons 2, guitar lessons 3. These concerts and events includ Germany’s Women in (E)Motion Festival, Dawson City Folk Festival, Edmonton Folk Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival along with a wide array of others.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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Gwen’s musical and songwriting electric guitar lessons craft is featured on different film soundtracks. “I Should Feel Empty,” is from an album called A Pebble of Mercy and the track appears on the CD of the movie soundtrack called Never Talk to Strangers. The film stars Antonio Banderas and Rebecca DeMornay. “Call,” is another track from an album called Love and Gold, was written for guitar lessons Terrance Odette’s award-winning Canadian feature Heater. Her music has also been set for dance and she has written musical compositions for both stage and film, she has also written some original music reqested by the National Film Board.

She has been lucky enought to be a guest on many CBC Radio shows including Morningside with Peter Gzowski, Swinging on a Star with Murray McLachlan, Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe, Heartland and Performance. Her music is regularly played on radio across Canada, the U.S., and across Europe. Gwen is currently working as a writer, vocal arranger and singer for other recording artists and vocal groups. She has composed and set music for children in dramatic plays, and conducted workshops focused entirely on the art of songwriting for children.