Wick-ed Drop Down Longboards Lunar Rovers

How about these wick-ed LRV (Lunar Rover Vehicle) drop down longboards from Ehlers?

Found them in the drop down longboards section of longboards USA.

The wicked red one is so rad!!!!!! Can’t wait to see if I can get my hands on one.
If look at the shape I can imagine why it got the LRV name, its a real cool drop down.

ehler drop down longboard
LRV1 drop down longboard in red


A Wick Definition

Following the encyclopaedia Britannica 

The wick,

thread, strip, or bundle of fibres that, by capillary action, draws up the oil of a lamp or the melted wax in a candle to be burned. By 1000 bc, wicks of vegetable fibres were used in saucer-type vessels containing olive oil or nut oil in order to provide light, and by 500–400 bc these wicks were in general domestic use.



wick in an oil lamp.